Fritz Hirsiger

15. February 1946 - 25. May 2022
Member of the Board of Directors
June 2018 until May 2022

In Memoriam

The only important thing in life are the footprints of love that we leave behind when we have to go without being asked and have to say goodbye. Albert Schweitzer

We are very sad about the unexpected farewell of our dear friend Fritz Hirsiger. A special person remains in our memory, irreplaceable in all his being and his values. We will miss his laughter and his joyful rays.

Fritz Hirsiger has supported our project as a friend and consultant since 2010. In the past four years he has also been a valuable member of the board. Through his visits to the Philippines, he was very connected to our project and local people. We are grateful to Fritz for his commitment, competent and human advices and his works.

We don`t find words to describe how much we have appreciated, loved and admired you. It is a gift from heaven that we have been able to know you in this life.

Gisela Kühne-Blank

11. Sept. 1948 - 10. Dec. 2017
Founding Member and Actuary
from July 2006 until December 2017
We deeply regret that our friend, co-founder and actuary of SwissPhilAid passed away peacefully on December 10th, 2017. We sadly miss a good-hearted woman, a dear friend and a valuable support for our relief organisation SwissPhilAid, which Gisela made her business with much commitment.
We are deeply grateful for all her support carried out over the years and the immeasurable amount of love and dedication she gave to our project and the people.
We will never forget you, dear Gisela, you will always stay in our hearts!
We love you!

Johnny Kühne

in grateful remembrance
24. June 1941 - 17. March 2015

Founder and President
from June 2006 until March 2015
We deeply mourn the sudden and unexpected death of Johnny Kühne on 17th March 2015. We miss a wonderful person who founded and wholeheartedly led the charity SwissPhilAid. With his warm being and his sense of humour he was for many a friend and helper. It’s some solace to know that he found happiness and fulfillment in his task until his last day.
The gratefulness and warmth of the Philippinos were for him always motivation and incentive to help even more. In Caba great dismay and sadness prevail over about the loss of a man who brought so much happiness.
It was his biggest wish that SwissPhilAid will continue for many years. We’ll do everything in our power to continue his life time project with wholehearted commitment.
We thank all friends, acquaintance and sponsors who gave Johnny Kühne love, time, happiness and trust during his time on earth. Only thanks to your generous support has SwissPhilAid been able to help so many people up to now.

With gratitude for the Founder

for all his help, his commitment, his sincerity and love, we have devoted this memorial to Johnny Kühne, founder and president of SwissPhilAid.
The water project and the construction of the place in front of the cooking station were the last completed works of Johnny Kühne in January/February 2015, before he departed from us suddenly and unexpectedly in March 2015.
The memorial in his honor embellishes the place under „his tree“ which stands in front of our cooking station in Caba. SwissPhilAid for direct help for children in the Philippines (copyright)