The Team

Rahel Jud Weier im Emmental. President Project Leader. Works in honorary capacity. In Caba for several months yearly since 2006.

Lawrence Nonog Caba, Philippines. Manager Feeding Program and Direct Help. Works for local standard wage.

Pepsi Pulanco Caba, Philippines. Direct Help Assistent. Works for local standard wage.

Kurt Linder Manager Operations. Bern (CH). Actuary-Voluntary Service - Several Weeks on Location since 2017

Fritz Hirsiger Management Consultant Bern (CH) - Honorary Assessor - Voluntary Service - Project Knowledge based on Several Visits in the Philippines

Valeriano Macatuggal Caba, Philippines. Supervisor Kitchen Team. Works for local standard wage.

Our Kitchen Team Romelyn, Valeriano, Melanie, Jhoan, Glena, Jesame, Remelyn (l-r) - 1 Chef, 5 Cooks, 1 Helper - All Receive Local Standard Salary

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