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SwissPhilAid is a legally recognised charity according to the provisions of art. 60ff ZGB with seat in Weier i.E. (previous Goldiwil) Switzerland.
Donations flow directly into our charity programme.
Your donations can be deducted from your Swiss taxation.

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Dr. Diana Palo

Medical consultant in the village


Every year Rahel Jud personally travels with the collected donations for a few months to the Philippines in order to help the needy children in the fishing village of Caba – La Union. Every year SwissPhilAid distributes school utensils to some 600 needy children to enable them to start school. The necessary school utensils cost 10 Swiss Francs per child and year; an amount that is too high to pay for many families. The children of these families often fall asleep during the lessons due to malnutrition. SwissPhilAid started therefore also a food programme and built a kitchen on the school grounds.
Every day 380 children get a nutritional and warm meal. The cost per child and year is 80 Swiss francs.
The children also receive emergency medical aid. Rice and food parcels and vitamins are being distributed personally to needy families in remote villages.

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